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  2. I love the use of technology. One problem though… If you send in your name, is it possible to change your name? I sent the @example to the right phone number. The message said that it didn’t send so I tried it without the @ and now my name is example… Can I fix that?

    • I am not sure I am understanding correctly. Were you trying to join a group already created or were you creating a group? Honestly, the people at Remind101 are fantastic. You may have better luck speaking directly to them. They are on Twitter a lot. If you are a member send them a tweet to get in contact. Otherwise email them at contact@remind101.com with your problem. They will be quick to respond.

    • Reading this again…if you tried to join a group and entered your name wrong, the creator of the group can edit your name for you. You would need to notify them to make the change. I hope I am being of some help here… 🙂

      • I did not create the group. I was in the process of joing it. Thank you so much for your help! I will consider your advice.

    • The only problem with having the teacher change your name, is that it only changes it for their class. If you’ve joined any other class, the original name you used will show up. If you will email Remind101 with your phone number or email address (which ever you used to join a class) they will change it for the class you are enrolled in as well as any other future classes.

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    • If you are creating texts as a teacher, none of the text messages you send will go against your plan. Those receiving text messages from Remind101 will have it count against their text plan.

      • If you are the teacher you never have to receive texts. You don’t even use your own phone number. Go to remind101.com and set up an acct. it gives you a number that will be used for your acct. your phone number is never asked for. The only way you will receive a text message on your own personal number is if you choose to join one of your classes and receive the notifications.

      • Thanks for this information. I too have a limited plan and was hesitant to use if each text I sent counted as 24-25 text. I will definitely start to use remind101.

  4. I read somewhere that you can send pictures with this app…do you know how I can do that?

    • I have not heard that it is possible to attach images. I did a quick search of the site and could not find anything on this either. As far as I know it is text only.

  5. my daughter had one with a recent phone number and then gave the number to my second daughter and it says my first daughters name, how do I change the name for my second daughter to use in class??

    • I assume you are saying your 2nd daughter now has your 1st daughter’s phone number? Remind101 will remember your number and associate it with any account you create. I have never heard of this happening before. I would contact Remind101 through their site and see if they can reset something on their end.

    • Not to my knowledge. You can revisit what you have sent and more than likely resend. Otherwise you could copy/paste your message in a new message and essentially schedule it twice.

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