6 comments on “Why Students Should Blog

  1. I have a class blogger – she has only done 1 post so far. We are using blogpress app you suggested.

    Commenting is also a great tool. 2 years ago my kids asked boatbaby from http://goo.gl/Xhcnbp about how they protect their boat from hurricanes (She, her husband, and their 2 kids live aboard). She sent them a detailed answer. Another blogger crossing the Pacific with her husband and 8 yo told the kids about crossing the equator.

    I use the hash tag comments4kids to find student blogs that my kids might connect to.

    I would love information about using photographs and videos of the kids. That tends to get murky, but I know I enjoy posts with photographs.

    • The district stance is if the parents have not stated in writing that their children cannot be in photos then it is ok.

      If you are leery of that, have your “artists” in class draw pics and share artwork with the posts. It involves those who may struggle with writing.

      Blogger is still a favorite. I will be sharing a couple other options in the coming weeks.

      Thanks for commenting!

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