Meeting Your District’s Needs Without the Numbers

Your district is growing, but your department is not.  Come and discuss ways to meet the needs of your district when your department is unable to add personnel.

We’re in a fast-growing district that opens new schools every year just to keep up with demand! It takes all our resources to staff the new buildings, so our department is not growing along with the district. A workflow is being created to continue to support our teachers, students, and staff as our district grows.  Examine the workflow for meeting our district’s needs, and discuss different ways we can continue to adapt and support our profession.

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3D Printing: It’s Elementary!- TCEA 2018

Co-Presenter: Dusty Roden- @DustyRoden

The ability to take a student’s idea or design and produce something that they can hold and feel excites teachers and students alike! 3D printers can be used across the curriculum, enhancing the learning in our elementary classrooms and building the problem-solving skills all students need. SR CPE Credits

Looping Presentation

Face to Face Presentation

OneNote: Organize and Optimize- TCEA 2018

Co-Presenter: Chelsea Murray- @MrsMurrayAg07

Classroom planning and organization is no small task. OneNote gives you the freedom to collaborate and share digital resources with colleagues, organize parent communication, and track student data. The classroom notebook feature allows you and your students the freedom to share and collaborate with each other while also allowing for individual student communication and assignment collection. All of this information is available at your fingertips, whether you are on a computer or mobile device. OneNote will optimize your day to day educational life. Work smarter, not harder, using this amazing tool!

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Battle of the Tech Assessment Tools- TCEA 2018

Co-Presenter: Dan Perez- @danperez4ed

Are you tired of waving hands, blurted answers, and papers, but can’t make sense of the sea of assessment tools? Kahoot, Socrative, Quizizz, and more…how to decide?!? In this session we’ll go over more than 20 of the most popular free formative assessment tools, the devices required, the data that can be collected, and other pros and cons of each.

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Tell Your Story, Your Way- TCEA 2018

Co-Presenter: Dan Perez- @danperez4ed

Everyone has a story to tell. Give your students a sense of pride by sharing that story with others through their eyes. Digital storytelling allows students to express what they have learned and any opinions they have toward any topic. Discover how we introduce digital storytelling to our teachers and leave with access to the resources we provide.

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